MicroSite – Félag Borgara / Fellowship of Citizen: Emblem

MicroSite – Frederique Pisuisse: Tripsitter

MicroSite – Mark Hamilton /the Kolenda group : Untitled (parallax live at pebble mill)

MicroSite – Semâ Bekirović: The Radiance of Sensible Heat (02)

MicroSite – Andrew Gillespie: After-Scrape

MicroSite – Leah Capaldi: HERE/THERE

MicroSite – Elvin Sanders: Police Puddle

We Build Buildings Outside, 2018

We Build Buildings Outside

Paul Johnson, ’Base / Shrine’, 2018.

Things Ground Us – Paul Johnson: First-Degree-Separation

Laura Yuile, Objects for the Street, 2018

Things Ground Us – Laura Yuile: Objects for the Street