Tripsitter (2020) is a personal journey through various consciousness-expanding moments experienced by the artist Frederique Pisuisse. The confessional diary gives an insight into traumatic hallucinogenic drug trips, meditation, panic attacks and out of body experiences. The viewer is navigated by a poetry reading whilst roaming through the Microsite of Gh0stSpace, a non-territorial model personifying the dark corners of the human mind.

Warning: This video contains disturbing language that can be a trigger for people with panic and anxiety associated disorders, and PTSD related to drug use.

MicroSite is a series of online-only projects reflecting on the current compromised and corporatized state of public and private space in both physical and virtual life. For MicroSite, Gh0stSpace has invited artists to make artworks for an architectural model of an unrealised, and never built, public building.